Techni Alipias Dry Rose Wine 750mL – Wine Art Estate

Techni Alipias rose offers a charming light color and a discreet, elegant aromatic character. Cool, versatile and lightweight, it is ideal for either hot summer days or as an Apéritif wine, year round.

Techni Alipias rose can put aside dilemmas regarding wine pairings as it can work extremely well from the beginning to the end of a meal, with all different kinds of dishes.




Rose, Dry

Grape Varieties:

Syrah, Merlot, Sangiovese & Cabernet Sauvignon


‘Bleeding’ or Saignée method is applied; a portion of the Syrah must is racked right after crushing the grapes. Vinification in stainless steel tanks, in controlled temperatures.


At 9-12°C

Food pairings:

Techni Alipias rosé with its dry, crisp and light character will be easily paired with many different dishes and cuisines. Grilled vegetables, beef or salmon carpaccio, poultry terrines, crab sticks, cold gazpacho soups, prosciutto cuts and a variety of cow and goat cheeses. Enjoying Techni Alipias rosé next to shrimp and crayfish spaghetti as well as with wonderful sushi rolls is highly recommendable.

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