Santorini white wine assyrtiko (750ml) – Estate Argyros

Crystalline, clear yellow color. Moderately aromatic, with predominant notes of citrus, Assyrtiko ARGYROU impresses with its delicious gifts. The relatively high acidity gives a feeling of coolness and nerve while the extremely low acreage yields of the vineyard offer ‘body’, structure and substance.



Assyrtiko Santorini white wine (750ml) 

Produced in Greece, Santorini

Estate Argyros is one of the top not only in Santorini but in all of Europe, with a century-old tradition in the cultivation and vinification of Assyrtiko. Assyrtiko Santorini Argyros is a 'calm' force among the Assyrtika of the island, with excellent balance and an impressive but also extremely pleasant acidity that as an aftertaste does not seem to end. Many and impressive awards, and its recognition abroad, promise a wonderful course in the effort for more intense extroversion of the estate.



Grape Varieties:



Classic white vinification with controlled temperature at 16 ° C. Stay for 3 months in stainless steel tanks together with wine sludges with occasional stirring (battonage) once a week. It can age from 5 to 8 years.


At 8-10ºC

Food pairings:

Ideally accompanies a variety of dishes, such as fish, seafood, sushi and vegetables.

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